Dunedin Real Estate – Value and Lifestyle

Dunedin is located in the region of Otago, in the South Island of New Zealand. It is set amongst rugged coastlines and rolling forested hills. It has an enchanting combination of admirable heritage, architectural buildings, a bustling University and scenic vistas. Encouraging the modern culture that has developed in Dunedin, there are numerous art galleries, over 140 cafes, fine hotels and motels which are scattered throughout the city.Throughout the different suburbs within the city, the real estate of Dunedin is blessed with a plethora of well established family homes, flats and apartments; with construction styles varying from the historical to the Mediterranean and modern design. In other words, Dunedin offers those searching for a suitable property, a wide range of housing options from classic Kiwi homes to condominiums and luxury villas on the beach. The proactive local government provides numerous active leisure services and recreational facilities. There are community sponsored teams in soccer, rugby, netball and soft ball; for both adult and youth divisions. Dunedin, therefore, is an ideal location for outdoors enthusiasts, where biking and hiking trails, public beaches and one of the best marinas in the country are prominently featured. Water front properties can be found along Bay Shore, the Boulevard and Causeway. There are many side streets streaming off the city centre’s main roads, where many other residential areas can be found close to shopping and restaurant amenities.When compared over the period extending the previous five years, the price of real estate in Dunedin has never been better from an investment perspective. Local Dunedin estate agents have access to a wide variation of properties for sale in a wide range of price points. The current economic climate in New Zealand provides the ideal environment to purchase real estate in Dunedin, before interest rates and house prices start to rise again.Property prices started to increase in 2006, continuing through to the beginning of 2010, where the pressures of the global economic downturn affected the entire market of New Zealand. Prices have appeared to have stabilised, with Dunedin real estate offering some of the best value property in the country. The stabilisation of the housing market in recent months is presenting the perfect timing for investing in real estate in Dunedin prior to the realisation of increasing interest rates and prices. To access the information pertaining to the types, quality, pricing and availability of real estate in Dunedin, ensure that a professional consultant at a leading real estate agency is utilised.

Real Estate in Beaverton

If you are looking for a dream house in the US with all the modern luxuries in a serene environment, what better place than Beaverton of the Washington County! Real estate in Beaverton and Portland provides you elegant homes with all modern facilities at surprisingly affordable rates.With the total housing units of 32,500 and household population of 76,200, Beaverton is one of those few places that provides a comfortable residence with all the pleasures. The city has a strong business environment and the attractions of a large metropolitan area, but still has a home-town feel. Residents of the Real estate in Beaverton enjoy a wide variety of cultural and recreational opportunities, an award-winning parks district, high-achieving schools and a community-oriented government. In the city of Beaverton, you will find a variety of family activities and amenities including the region’s largest farmers market, a new library, more than 100 parks, bike paths and hiking trails.Real estate in Beaverton offers you all the opportunities to find houses ranging as less as $100,000 to $5 Million or more. The house area varies from around 1,000 square ft and higher. So, looking for a suitable house according to your budget becomes much easier for you. Additionally, the types of houses and choices are staggering. You have the option of choosing an apartment, a condo, a single family house or a Town home in Real Estate in Beaverton. Average price per square foot for Beaverton is not too high as to the other places of US. It is a decent $147 with a decrease of 16.5% in comparison to the same period last year. Home for sale in Portland has become cheaper as the average sale price for 2009 is down 13% compared to 2008.Thus, if you are planning to buy a home, this is perhaps the best time for you to settle in a perfect place. An encouraging fact for all those planning to invest in a house, there are presently 864 homes for sale in areas around Beaverton.For those who wish to sale there Real Estate in Beaverton, it is high time to do so. Though the median sales prices have dipped a bit this year as compared to previous year due to market recession, it is as good as $238,458. The number of homes sold is quite high in Beaverton and Portland with 825 houses recently sold. This is a heartening prospect for those who wish to sell their property.But in today’s shifting real estate market, time is really important. Many good Beaverton, Portland and Tigard homes are sold before they are even advertised. In order to beat other homebuyers in this race, it’s really important to choose a good agent of Real Estate in Beaverton.

Bahrain Real Estate – Freehold Properites

When Middle Eastern property markets are mentioned, Dubai is always spoken about and the success of its real estate market is well documented. However, one market that is catching up fast is Bahrain. Of all the Middle Eastern real estate markets, the Bahrain real estate market has possible the greatest potential.Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 islands. The country was once named by ancients Sumerians, considered an island paradise in which there was no disease, death or suffering, and where gods resided. Although modern Bahrain has not retained such mythical status, many still frolic in its heavenly shoreline, and many still perceive the country as blissful respite from lenient Islamic countries. Bahrain holds a strategic position between East and West, The Kingdom has always been considered a place of unity where east meets west, renowned for its warmth and hospitality. A good balance of traditional values combined with refined modernity, make Bahrain an attractive country to live and work.Despite its size, Bahrain has a well established real estate market. In recent times changes in Bahraini law, foreign nationals are now allowed freehold ownership of property, have created a huge increase in investor interest in the country. Unlike countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain has worked hard to diversity its economy away from oil by focusing on business areas such as tourism, information technology, telecommunications, education and healthcare. This strategy has attracted a number of multinational firms to establish their headquarters in Bahrain.About one-third of Bahrain’s population is foreign expatriates who seek that ideal blend of stability and prosperity. Perhaps this influence has shaped modern Bahrain, now rapidly modernizing, full of shopping malls and restaurants. Expatriates living in Bahrain generally enjoy an extraordinary standard of living primarily because of substantial tax free income. The types of accommodation expatriates seek has established the style of real estate that is typically available for sale or rent in the Kingdom and financing properties in the Kingdom is fairly easy.The movement of increasing numbers of expatriate to Bahrain has resulted in a huge boom in the real estate sector. Most of these expatriates are taking advantage of the changes in legislation that allow them to own freehold properties and this is increasing the need for quality accommodation. The surge in demand for accommodation is probably why rental rates have surged over the last few years. However, rental rates are still significantly lower than in Dubai. These factors have made the Bahraini real estate market ripe for investment with realization of capital appreciation fairly easy to achieve due to a market enthusiastic for completed resale property.Keeping these factors in mind, Bahrain is quite possibly the best real estate market to invest in. For investors looking for better capital appreciation than Dubai has, Bahrain is the market they need to get into.